Yikes....got the dreaded phone call today....renters found bedbugs. Exterminator notified, guests checked out as scheduled. Home treated and cleaned per exterminator instructions. How do we proceed or recover should they decide to make this public?


We had purchased some hotel furnishings and had just put the night stands and head boards into the affected rooms.. this was the 1st group of renters since last week when we put the furniture in. They only had a 2 night stay and found them on the 2nd day. We did refund the stay. Exterminator treated home and we have encased all the beds now:(

Don't live in the Fear !

"it is not the problem - it is what you do about the problem that matters"

  • prepare your detailed response for when/if it goes public ... mmm?

Use your Sherlock Skills (bed bugs travel)

  • where were the previous guests staying before they came to you?
  • who stayed before the bed bug guests?
last year

Agree with Desiree, have a response ready to go.

At the same time, do what you can to stop them from making it public. Perhaps offer a small refund or discount off their next stay. At my old company, if we got something wrong, we'd instantly send them a bottle of wine.

last year

Were the guests checked out straight away, did they just put up with bed bugs or was it their final night?

I agree with all of the above. If it was in the middle of a guests stay, I would of endeavoured to find alternative accommodation for the guest if they wished.

Here's a really useful article to educate yourself about bed bugs. The key is prevention for next time, so I would make sure to include this in your reply (the steps you've taken to stop it happening again).

Bed bugs are actually hitchhikers & could have potentially been brought in by the guest!

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