Every vacation rental has an Achilles' heel. Whether you're working with a drab exterior, over-the-top décor or lack of legroom, the most important thing to remember is to be honest about your rental's imperfections.

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2 years ago

This was a really great article. We always seem to be pushing how to update vacation homes and make them more suitable for guests, but sometimes they just are what they are! When it comes to imperfections I thought these 3 main points were most memorable and important:

  1. Not everybody wants, or is searching for, a “perfect listing”. A lot of people need a place to stay within their budget, and they will skip all the stunning penthouses and beachfront villas to gets something they know is affordable and unique.
  2. What you may think is an imperfection can be a selling point to others. Dated décor, small rooms, out of town location, etc. can actually tie in with what people want or need. With access to a huge amount of different guests, your quirky and strange property can be just right for plenty of people!
  3. Always be honest. There's no problem with small rooms and bad décor, but there is a very big problem with hiding it. It comes down to managing expectations – clearly state what you offer, deliver the service advertised, and your guests will be happy.

If it’s really bad, homeowners should inject some humor into their listings. This creates a sense of “we know it’s bad, but that’s OK”!

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