One of our owners recently had a very unusual encounter with a guest from hell. She's kindly given me permission for the photos and story to be publicised. For the sake of this article, I'll call her Jane.


Jane is a relatively new owner who only starting renting her property with us in the beginning of August. This was only her fourth booking - Not a great start, especially if you're a manager trying to build a trusting relationship!

No hot water

It all started after the guests, Naomi and her boyfriend, ran out of hot water. They were only 1 day into their stay and had already spoke to Jane about how to work the oven. Naomi rang Jane again to notify her of the issue.

A shocked plumber

Unbeknown to Naomi, Jane promptly called her friend and plumber to fix the issue. One spare part and two hours later (about 1pm), Jane receives a very concerning phone from her friend, “What the hell are you doing letting people like that into your home, it’s an absolute tip - there’s cigarettes and drugs everywhere”.

Ghostly departure

Before Jane has any chance to react, she receives a text message from Naomi.

The message is written is a friendly demeanour, however one line especially stands out:

My partner thinks he saw a ghost and bolted to the car

Not to jump to any conclusions but it appears the unexpected visit from the plumber may have caused her sudden and unexpected departure.

Jane investigates

Jane swiftly heads over to her home and checks the apartment. She's horrified, bear in mind she’s new to renting - the expensive blinds are trashed, dog poo everywhere, scattered cigarette butts, and a musky smell, I suspect to be marijuana, wafting through the air.

Broken blinds

Dog poo

Cigarette butts everywhere

Food left in the fridge

Clothes and toiletries left behind

As you can see they left clothes, food and toiletries. The ghost must have really spooked them...

Security deposit

Naomi had booked through Holiday Lettings, which had kept a £100 security deposit. The £100 would have never been enough to cover the cost of Jane’s trashed home but we claimed it anyway.

After two weeks (the standard time Holiday Lettings hold security deposits), Naomi realised she didn’t receive her security deposit.

Hope ur kid finds the coke we left n sniffs it all

A furious Naomi, who has no legs to stand on, immediately questions Jane who then receives this text followed by a review on TripAdvisor:

Two quotes which stand out:

My boyfriend broke his hand, and had to drive back 3 hours with it cus of a fucking ghost

Hope ur kid finds the coke we left n sniffs it all

Fortunately, we had the review successfully removed from TripAdvisor after they had checked the case!

Does anyone else have a similar experience?


2 years ago


2 years ago

Jeeeezzzz! Thanks for sharing your story! I've never heard anything like it...

My boyfriend broke his hand, and had to drive back 3 hours with it cus of a fucking ghost


Conrad O'ConnellConrad O'Connell
2 years ago

Don't do drugs!

2 years ago

@arthur.c lets not be so quick to write off that Jane's house could actually be haunted! Maybe that could be a new selling point!

2 years ago

Always look at the positives,,,,ghost hunting trips...

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