After watching what looks to be their biggest announcement in 8 years on Facebook Live, Airbnb are looking to move beyond the simple experience of booking accommodation. They now want to own the entire trip, including experiences, services & much more.

The new app lets travellers book experiences such as making Volins in Paris, photography in Nairobi or truffle hunting in Florence.

Karissa Bell on Twitter

Airbnb also wants to add grocery delivery, car rentals, and flight booking -- all "powered by people" #airbnbopen

All these new features will be included in their existing app, which has already launched in 15 major cities and provides over 500 new services to guests.


A few key features are things like being able to:

  • Book experiences & immersions from people
  • Book restaurants in app
  • Organise meetups
  • Have shopping delivered
  • Go on "Audio Walks"
  • Book taxi & other travel services
  • View local guidebooks and travel recommendations
  • See a timeline of your travel journey (discovering, booking, experiencing & sharing)
  • And much more

Interestingly it doesn't stop there. Airbnb looks like they're going to integrate flights and even more travels services into their app.

This may change everything.

The launch comes at a time when the company are preparing for an IPO, according to CEO, Brian Chesky.

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2 years ago

Expect another avalanche of service businesses off the back of this launch. Be very interesting on the actual connection to accommodation and the push to align the two.

Looks like the asset managers have more opportunities as these services arise and do not solely rely on airnbnb after the initial love affair.

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