Whether you are just starting out on Airbnb, or an experienced Airbnb Superhost, pricing your listing is one of the more difficult aspects of the Airbnb hosting experience. Unlike major hotels and airlines that have hundreds of identical inventory, your Airbnb is as unique and unlike any other, so you really only have one opportunity to maximize revenue on your listing for any given day.

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David BozinDavid Bozin
2 years ago

Nice post @kambain. Totally agree that those are four key areas that need to be addressed when pricing. I'd be curious to know what you guys think around how feasible this actually is for hosts to manage though?

The pace of variation in the market makes it seem impossible to efficiently price a listing to take into account especially weekly and event variation, and it's even impossible to know how efficiently you're actually pricing something (e.g. you could potentially be maximising demand with higher prices across the board in these situations without knowing it).

Does anyone have an opinion around how best to manage this? Have you guys experimented with pricing software?

2 years ago

Be good to see a survey of people who actually do change pricing at "event" times. Generally in regionals we all know well in advance when holidays are, regattas are run, marathons are scheduled etc and pricing is accounted for.

And yet each year we see "Book Early" 20% discount and its the old travel approach. Seems to run in the face of this pricing opportunity, especially when a location is 100% occupied.

2 years ago

Thanks for the post @kambain, you've made some really good points - and what an awesome resource: https://plot.ly/~beyondpricing/folder/home for people looking to optimise their pricing!

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