In June this year, The Telegraph newspaper published an excellent article with respect to how technology companies are controlling a growing number of aspects of all our lives. Although the article was considering the escalating valuations it does highlight the invasion of the fabric of the Western world's consumer and business infrastructure.

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"In the meantime owners should look closely at Google, it may turn out to be the winner in the booking and journey research of the travel sector."

We made this investment in using Google 2006 and ever since then some of our owners have migrated to the OTA's depending on their perceptions of who they think is best. or or

What is right under their nose is and they don't see it - yet.

Save the elephants?

3 months ago

Google never makes things easy I think. Google+,Google Places, Google Local,adwords, adsense,analytics,pro etc. They could make it so much simpler for market sectors. They do hold the keys however to the zoo..

I am off to lock picking school next ...

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