The tide seems to be shifting in the vacation-rental arena as instantly confirmable bookings - as opposed to giving owners or property managers 24 hours or more to decide - is finally gaining momentum. That's the view of Michael Endelman, who heads Airbnb's vacation rental efforts in North America.

While there is no doubt that the instant booking trending is picking up momentum, there are still vehement opponents, especially among some individual owners and smaller property management companies.

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2 years ago

If this article is correct: Airbnb's underhand lobbying tactics exposed I question the validity of Airbnb's instant booking statement...

The lettings website is spending hundreds of thousands of pounds to create the impression of overwhelming public support

2 years ago

"Many are going to Airbnb to fill the gap until a new HomeAway emerges as a clear option... They feel that at least Airbnb has been honest about their fees"

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