Hello Lovely People in the Short-Term Rental Community,

I work for Electus, LLC (Running Wild with Bear Grylls, NBC) currently under Propagate Content.

We are currently casting for a rental flip show called Rental Renovations (WT) for a major financial cable network.

Rental Renovations (WT) is on its first season (similar to Netflix's 'Stay Here' with a heavier investment aspect) and will be hosted by a celebrity couple and their investor with rental owners desiring to partner with them around the U.S. and flip their struggling short term rentals. The partnership will benefit both parties and help the owner create extra income with their new and improved rental property.


  • Participants willing to allow Electus producers and camera crew to document the planning and build-out process of turning their unique space into flourishing short-term rental.
  • Underperforming short-term rental spaces that need help to increase profitability.
  • Owners that don’t know how to get started with a potential short-term rental space they own and would like to get started.
  • These spaces can include cottages, cabins, side homes, garages, camper, barn, back house, shipping container, tree house, airstream, bus, train car, and any other unique or unconventional space!

NOTE: The property must have its own entrance and you must own the land that the property is on. Ideally,​ the property will also have plumbing and electricity but in some cases we can work around that.

If this looks like something that interests you, APPLY HERE: rentalrenovations.castingcrane.com

If you have any questions, feel free to send them to: [email protected]

Please forward to anyone you think would be interested! Thank you!

Electus, LLC Casting Team Propagate​ Content: https://propagatecontent.com

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