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  • Intentionally create an intimate work space in your holiday home.
  • Purpose up-cycled and provide a characterful desk area to entice the '365 work happy peeps' to notice your photography of your special zone just for them.
  • Place a 5ft palm tree or potted plant with great original angle-poise light.
  • Hang some quirky 'bookshelf' printed wall paper behind the desk to give a more 3D effect to your work spot. Or a oversized map of your local area. Create an atmosphere that people love to be in.
  • Make sure there is an extension lead conveniently under the desk in case required. A one stop place for all charging items to be.
  • Purpose comfy swivel chair.
  • Perhaps some reclaimed shelving somewhere close or above the desk ~ a place that you can put a range of interesting books, i.e. photography books, travel & location books, maps, etc.
  • And finally, the best Wi-Fi connection possible in your particular area.

Other areas

  • Nespresso (or similar coffee machine with some free capsules).
  • Be sure that there is a floor to ceiling mirror for that all important 'check over' before leaving for a meeting you're in town for, perhaps.
  • Hairdryer and one out by in a locked cupboard as back-up in case the first one fails.
  • Complimentary toiletries and choose trendy natural ingredient, eco versions as you can't fail with these if some guests have sensitive skin.
  • Range of different hanger styles for both men & women's clothing.
  • Iron & sturdy ironing board.

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Also 24-hour check-in and a hair dryer! An extra monitor would also be incredibly helpful.

Here are Airbnb's Business Travel Ready requirements:

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24-hour check-in and hair dryer are must have things. I have seen programmers looking for extra monitor in their workspace. This may not be required by all, but good to place 2nd monitor if you have spare.

I have seen Airbnb's list. Actually, I want to hear personal opinions.

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Being both a guest, host & business traveller... I'm looking for two words...

Fast wifi.

Really fast wifi is even better! The issue is, no matter where I go everyone says fast wifi & on many occasions it's just not. I'd like an actual broadband speed filter!

Lots of large suit coat hangers are nice too. I think VR's need to take note from hotels when it comes to business travel.

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Fast wifi is definitely a must-have requirement of business travel.

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Good question. How about:

  • Coffee making facilities
  • Free parking
  • Stocked fridge, with ready-to-go food & healthy snacks
  • Wifi
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Umbrellas in case it rains
  • Newspapers or business weekly magazine
  • A bookshelf of business related books
  • Gadgets
  • Various charging stations & plug adaptors
  • A unique personal space to relax and not think about business

Hope this helps, Maria

last year

In my opinion Coffee making facilities, fast wifi and Various charging stations & plug adaptors are good add-ons.

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