I came across this article that was featured in the RentByOwnerGuide's blog in 2013. It was written by Cindy Amato from Bookerville and I feel it has more relevance now than it did 3 years ago. It's called:

Run Your Vacation Rental Like a Hotel But Make it Feel Like Home (ref)

Unfortunately, like it or not, guests DO prefer the option to instant book - why wouldn't they? And that's why companies like Airbnb & HomeAway are pushing instant booking so heavily. It provides a more "hotel" experience.

It's another debate entirely whether instant booking will actually work in the long run for vacation rentals. Sure, 100% it works for hotels & short-term rentals... but more expensive luxury holiday rentals... I think not.

Regardless of your stance point on instant booking for vacation rentals, guests still enjoy a hotel smooth experience with all the benefits of a home. Aspects of providing a hotel experience (as mentioned in the article) are:

  • Hassle free booking
  • Being clean, uncluttered and comfortable
  • Be consistent
  • Provide some special, complimentary amenities
  • Well oiled cleaning & management staff

However, rentals ARE NOT hotels and provide other benefits to guests such as:

  • Local experience
  • Homely feel
  • Self-catering amenities
  • Unique locations
  • Better suitability: Parking for cars, gardens for dogs etc
  • More privacy

So why not marry the two? Airbnb is a perfect example of this. They recognise that guests love a hotel experience combined with a unique local and homely feel.

Running your business like a hotel will ensure your guests have a hassle-free stay... Making it feel like a home will ensure your guests have a memorable stay.

Therefore, I think it's important to keep this slogan in mind whilst running your business:

Run Your Vacation Rental Like a Hotel But Make it Feel Like Home


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Hey @powen, thanks for sharing. Hadn't seen this article until now and you're right, it's a very pertinent topic at the moment.

It's so true though, vacation rentals can really learn a lot from hotels.

Love that slogan too. After all, the "home away from home" experience is what we're all searching for, right?

last year


Nice blog post. Asking for feedback like a hotel is interesting. Reviews are technically feedback but rarely useful for improving. Feedback slips and online survey forms are an excellent idea!

last year

Love it

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