Vacation homes witnessed a splendid progress over the past few years. Their availability on the market was like a breath of fresh air for tourists who were sort of bored with staying in extremely professional looking hotel rooms. Not surprisingly, people gave a warm welcome to vacation homes as it allowed them the luxury of having an exotic home all to themselves. After all, basking in luxury is one of the key priorities of people during a vacation.

However, as the vacation home industry is sort of established now. The freshness has faded. Expectations of tourists have grown manifold and competition from hotel is also pinching the vacation rental owners. It is high time managers and owners take stalk of the reality and tighten their belt. To succeed the competition, they ought to bridge the gap between highly professional attitude of the hotel and the laxity associated with vacation rentals. Hence a balanced commercialization should be adopted, which does not hurt the charm of a rental and at the same time matches the growing demand of the discerning tourists.

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