This video of Hilton's push back against OTA's has now had over 4.5m views and seems to be hitting the headlines time and time again on news casts.

Hotels have been fighting this hard recently and OTA trends show a decline in some of their hotel business. VR is newer and much more complex so guests don't get it (1 day stays, cancellation within 24 hours etc, 24hr approvals).


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helen62 how would we best go about setting this up?

Maybe we need to band together on a "book direct campaign" to raise the level of awareness and follow Hilton's lead?

Any ideas on how to do this?

2 years ago

My guess is there needs to be an individual brand representing owners. An "OwnersDirect" run by owners.

2 years ago

This is true especially as OD etc now heavily favour the commissionable easy cancellation properties. Plenty of technology to do this, but does need lots of spend and support to get traffic and traction and needs full engagement of everybody and extra work put in to ensure properties are live, well presented, updated etc.

I fear a combination of more work, more systems and the Chicken & Egg syndrome will make this a huge challenge. It can work in niches for sure and possibly in a confined and well defined location where its hard for OTA's to work. The UK is one of these I suspect.

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