There's an ongoing debate about Airbnb and HomeAway and which company is going to win out as the leading marketplace for of private accommodations. In August, Airbnb reportedly raised $850 million, bringing its total equity funding to approximately $3.2 billion, according to Equidate. With a $30 billion valuation and the best public relations strategy in ...

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Andrew SewardAndrew Seward
last year

Interesting article. One thing it does not touch on is cross listing. I wonder how many unique listings each channel has?

I list on both and find HomeAway better than airbnb for bookings more than 6 months out, airbnb better for within 3 months and a tossup for the 3-6 month window. I believe, One of the primary drivers for this is the airbnb requirement of full payment at the time of booking.

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