More guests stay in vacation homes during the summer than any other time of year, with 25 percent of travelers booking a stay in a short term rental every July. However, late August and early September, just outside of "high season," are popular with guests who want to avoid the summer rush.

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2 years ago

Offering the “orphans nights” at a discounted rate is a great way to keep up occupancy. At the end of the day, owners are selling an experience and it doesn't do any harm to actively sell to potential guests, even if many owners consider renting their vacation homes to be a passive process. Many guests will jump at the chance of a couple of extra nights at a reduced cost, so offer it to them. Homeowners should remember, it's better to receive a discounted fee than no fee!

Showcasing local events is also a great idea. Check your area’s cultural and sporting calendar and include major events in your listings. Is there a big concert coming up? Is your property near the venue? Then highlight that fact in your title and listing. Is there a convention nearby, a conference or festival? Mention it, because there will likely be many people attending these events looking for vacation listings like yours – help them find what they are looking for.

Carla LodgifyCarla Lodgify
2 years ago

"Festivals and events like these drive travelers to a community. You’ll want to not only capture guests who’ve already committed to attend these attractions, but also entice potential visitors who might not have made a decision yet." -- So true! It's also a great idea to adjust your pricing strategy. It seems like such an obvious thing to do but a lot of owners still fail to do it.

2 years ago

Carla you are so correct! It seems obvious, but many owners aren't aware of the current local events in their area, which may cause them to miss out on the potential for increased profits.

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