If you have watched tv or listened to the radio in the past few months, you have heard various hotel brands encouraging guests to book directly with them. Marriott, Hilton, IHG, and Choice Hotels are among the brands doing this and are offering various perks like discounted rates, free wifi ( which should be free anyway), and additional loyalty rewards.

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3 years ago

Big hotel chains have the capital to run huge promotions and to make branding work. I wonder if smaller independent holiday rental companies can achieve something similar? Consumers can only remember so many "micro" brands.

I think companies will have to take an extremely local approach and rely on consumers who visit the same place regularly to build a brand.

Michael GoldinMichael Goldin
3 years ago

The local approach has proven successful on many occasions, however there are stats out there about millennial travelers not wanting to visit the same place regularly, but instead experience new places, cultures, things. This would be where a brand could gain valuable loyalty.

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