Ever have nightmare guests? Here are the top 5 funniest Airbnb stories we've heard. :)

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2 years ago


We had one where an entire marriage was compromised. A young lady rented an apartment for a few days, candles in the bathroom, bubbly bottles in the bin, clearly a good time, nice comments in the guest book.

The problem was she forgot to leave the key. We phoned her, only to find her husband said "Really, I thought she was at a conference all weekend" -(several hundred miles away)

She had entered her home phone number as contact!

2 years ago

Ha! Love that this is the censored version too. Could be a PSA for why not to try renting yourself.

2 years ago

I wish I was cool (or maybe spoiled) enough to stay at a nice airbnb property for our after-prom party! Instead, we ended up just hanging out in a friend's partent's basement deep in the suburbs

2 years ago

Richard, that story sounds like a nightmare for all parties involved! The last thing an owner wants to be involved with is contacting the guest's home only to reveal the guest's “extra-marital” getaway to their spouse.

I don't think anything can stop a group of inebriated renters breaking down a door to the wrong property, but many online booking platforms have insurance for issues like the ones mentioned in the article, and will actually cover the costs of repairs in many scenarios. Have a rental management company deal with it all for you, is even easier. It is a big safety net and can protect owners from huge out of pocket expenses.

Regarding the dirty glasses the cleaners wouldn't even drink from, I think every owner and property manager has experience hiring and firing cleaning services for a multitude of reasons. The good thing about vacation rental management firms is that they have their own cleaning teams who are held to professional standards across all properties managed by the company.

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