On the booking screen at airbnb it seems airbnb does not consider infants as guests and children over 12 are adults.

  • so if you are under 2 years old you don't count?
  • if you are over 12 your are an adult?

"Guests" booking are confused - not to mention the "Hosts"!


2 years ago

Interesting, they actually follow the same guidelines as airlines.. Below is a image from the Qatar help page:

Perhaps it's to keep consistency with the airlines? It's still confusing, teenagers have been merged with adults. 👪

Yes I see thanks fo the Qatar info

The other point is infants don't get added to the airbnb number of guests count just "noted"

  • yet they incur housekeeping costs re cots high chairs and safety gates & they use linens - towels, inco sheets, cot sheets etc.

  • for insurance purposes all guest humans (no matter their age) and pets they need to be added to the valued guest list.

So I guess at the end of the day infants are like pets - they don't have any rights - is that OK?

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