Airbnb launched and then delisted a new additional app yesterday: "Airbnb Trips". This is probably the first glimpse at something I've worked on with Airbnb France in Q1 2016: "Magical Trips". The idea is to have a marketplace where hosts (not just accommodation hosts, but everyone) can sell services such "Eat a vegan French dinner at my home", "Let me show you secret places in Manhattan", "Spend the day as a gondolier in Venice". Airbnb is trying to expand its brand in different ways in the travel sector.

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last year

It had to come and should prove very interesting. Is it another disruption of life as we know it?

last year

I can remember you suggesting something like this for connecting local businesses for rentals.

All you need is the critical mass and a loyal base of businesses who are interested in sending out offers/SMS'es to guests who are staying.

Next quarter, I'm sure AirBnb will be selling "Advertising" to local businesses as a way to "reach" affluent travellers who are looking for a good time out...

Not a criticism, but why only sell rental space, when you can also sell the opportunity to connect travellers with businesses in the local area as well.

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