Vacation rental “athletes” know that owning and operating a rental is a marathon, not a sprint. Along the way, many roadblocks will pop up...and successful, agile owners find ways to quickly change course.

As a whole house owner, I’ve been extremely hesitant to create an Airbnb listing. The company’s bad press and limited communication between owner and guests made me more than hesitant.

But in the interest of my vacation rental “marathon” I figured I’d give it a shot. Consider me your guinea pig.

Now, I’m two months into my Airbnb adventure. Here are 5 things I’ve learned.

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The London AgentThe London Agent
2 years ago

If you want to make a claim on a damage deposit and you have Airbnb guests leaving and arriving the same day you have LESS THAN THREE DAYS TO MAKE A CLAIM - YOU HAVE A FEW HOURS between when one departs and the other arrives. We were caught out by this when we put in a claim the morning after a group departed and were told we could not claim because we had new guests in. It does not matter that you have photos which are obviously date and time stamped or that it can take time to phone around getting quotes and trying to organise the repair. So beware.

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