Using guidebooks & memorable photos to create experiences for your guests If there is one thing you should make sure you get right when building your listing, it's the photo section. When I first started hosting, I knew that pictures mattered, but didn't care much about it. This was indeed a huge mistake.

  • Quality pictures are worth it
  • Add as many photos as you can
  • Let’s take your photos to the next level
  • Catchy headlines are key
  • Creativity 🤓 can lead to success
  • Bonus tip included
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2 years ago

It really is a worthwhile investment to hire a professional photographer or to learn about taking high quality photos. I am a founder at Pillow Homes and we have some great resources for taking excellent photos that grab the attention of guests on our blog too, . Guests book based on emotional reactions to visual stimuli so if you spark their imagination with great photos, you can really seal the deal.

Size is important for listings and nobody wants to book a tiny room. You mentioned in your post that a photo showing the entire room is much more appealing than a cut-off photo, because the room won't appear as small. Many travelers book rental properties over hotel rooms because hotel rooms are often too small. These are the tips and tricks we use for our listings and recommend to others:

2 years ago

What a simple and easy to understand article, thank you Jasper, Silvia & @jpol (for posting).

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