If you haven't already seen my previous post part one - you can read it here: Guests From Hell: Hope ur kid finds the coke we left n sniffs it all.

A quick refresh: Naomi and her boyfriend left suddenly (half way through their stay) - leaving clothes, toiletries and drugs behind. According to Naomi, they left because her boyfriend saw a ghost. After they didn't receive their damage deposit for trashing the house she text the owner a very rude message (seen in the previous post).

The TripAdvisor review (which can't be removed)

Well now they've submitted their TripAdvisor review - and we can't remove it because apparently it doesn't violate any terms and conditions!!

See the thread below:

Annoyingly the guest appears smart enough to navigate TripAdvisors T's & C's and leave a message which can be approved - irrespective of the drugs and mess left in the house (which TripAdvisor knows about).

Oh well, you win some and you lose some. Maybe now we'll attract "ghost hunters" or people looking for a thrill!

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