How photos affect conversion: Key findings from 500px home page

Including people

Featuring people in your images can increase conversion except for images with nature (mountains, landscapes, beaches etc).

For example, In Havana, photos with people had twice the conversions but with nature it remained the same or worse

Specifically, landscapes which don't feature young people convert 22% better for viewers 3 years or older.

Top destinations over other destinations

You'd think your most popular destinations would receive the highest conversion. However, with high quality photos of every destination, it makes little difference.

7% of people clicked top destinations on the 500px homepage.

360-degree photography

Using 360-degree photography increased visitors time on the site by 34%, which isn't surprising considering people have to physical move the image. However, it shows they're interest to see more.

Plus longer site duration is great for vacation rental SEO.

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2 years ago

This is an interesting article; pictures are obviously growing in importance, and a good half of the questions on calls and online enquiries I get can be answered by reading the description; people are living in an evermore visual world though so don't bother reading these.

We've had a good 90% of our portfolio re-photographed in the last year or so and are constantly refreshing, changing photos depending on the season (adding Christmas trees or cosy fireplaces at the moment for example) and it definitely seems to have an impact on guests and their choices, if only a little.

We've also started using 3D tours on our larger properties, to help guests to immerse themselves into a property. I think this would work in a similar way to the 360-degree photography in that it helps guests to know the space better before their visit. Again, This seems to have boosted bookings as even some of the OTAs allow an upload of these.

Is anyone else trying new or different photography-based ideas? If so, how well are they working?

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