For Part 3 of the Future of Living Series, some VC peers and I decided to dive into the $550B+ vacation and short term rental market. From traditional disruption to companies using AirBnB as a platform for launching their own new businesses, we identified over 60 companies looking to have an impact on the Future of Living in vacation/short-term rental markets.

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2 years ago

Thanks for the post @SeanConway, very interesting seeing the market though the eyes of a VC.

2 years ago

As someone who at one point made the decision to use the services of a rental management company, I was shocked at the number of companies I could choose from. To say the least, I am so happy about making the choice to utilize one of the many ways to feel comfortable about renting out my space. Thank you for including this topic in your Future of Living series, as I completely believe we should, and will, see more of this in the future.

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