Thanks to the many tools and services that have popped up in the vacation rental industry, it's easier than ever to manage vacation rentals or your Airbnb from afar. With the right system in place, you can go about your life knowing that your guests and your property are taken care of, and let the money roll in.

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2 years ago

Great post @laurenkester. And if you're in London, I recommend Laundrapp (who bought my previous company Washbox) for laundry & Hassle for cleaning 😀

2 years ago

You nailed it, it really is a great time to manage your Airbnb – or any short-term vacation rental – remotely. We have found, as property managers of over a thousand Airbnb rentals, that turning your property into a tech-savvy rental not only helps attract more adept guests looking for these sorts of things, but also makes managing the property a whole lot easier. We use August Smart Locks which can be controlled from anywhere via a smart phone and are great for handling the initial check-ins/outs and for security purposes. Our guests love them too because it means they never have to worry about losing a key again. One other service I would recommend that you left off your great list is Nest thermostat. Not only is it a smart thermostat that will learn as it goes and adjust accordingly to save you tons on your energy bills, it can also be accessed via your smart phone anywhere – just in case!

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