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I'm working on a free eBook title: Save $15K with these Airbnb hosting tips. I'm at a point where I need some feedback so I can make this eBook better. You guys are more than welcome to leave comments on the Google presentation link provided above.

Many Thanks! Kate kate at bluefox.io

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Great little ebook!

Hi Katie,

Your e-book is great for Airbnb hosts looking to maximise just their bookings for sure! The only thing I'd say is that Airbnb isn't the only marketing channel. It depends on whether you'd like to stay Airbnb specific or not as many traditional owners & managers can't accept instant booking!

Kate ChanKate Chan
last year

Hey Ben,

Thanks for your input. You're 100% correct, hosts shouldn't only use Airbnb as their marketing channel. Did you make that mistake of promoting your place on only Airbnb when you were just starting out as a host? I'm asking because I'm looking for a short story that talks about the mistakes that you made as a host(credits will be given to Rentivo, of course :))

we can also take this to email too kate at bluefox.io -K

last year

Perhaps, talk more about the guest experience & communication once the booking has been made? A good guest experience will lead to repeat bookings, better reviews & referrals :)

Kate ChanKate Chan
last year

Great idea, in fact I think this topic deserves a post on its own. As a guest, do you have any examples that showed awesome guest experience & communication once the booking has been made?

last year

I don't have any examples to send personally but Vreasy made a talk last year at the VRWS that briefly touched on this. Here's a snippet from a post I wrote at the time which highlighted Martins (CEO) personal strategies:

14. OTAs own the booking experience, don’t let them take the guest experience

Luckily the property still remains the centre of the guests universe on holiday - that’s their base. OTAs have done an amazing job at refining the booking process but now they may might try and take the guest experience too by offering ancillary services.

However, as Martin pointed out, each OTA would have a different guest experience. There’s a lack of consistency across multiple platforms in the guests experience which negatively affects you and your ratings. It’s the one thing you still control and the one thing you have to stand out amongst the crowd - don’t let OTAs steal it!

Personalised tour guides through your eyes - no OTA could replicate that.

15. Remove damage deposits

An interesting point but one I agree with coming from a tech background. Think about removing the damage deposit... it’s just another pain point for guests that negatively affect their experience. Martin is happy to do this because he covers the cost through his additional services provided from Vreasy.com.

16. Make fun of yourself and even leave typos in your initial communication with guests

Many of Martin’s emails and notifications are completely automated. He’s made sure to add a funny photo of himself and even leave typos in the email to add a personal touch to show they’re talking to a real human (kind of).

17. Implement a company culture to save time

With a strong company culture, you’re able to unburden yourself with mundane tasks because you can trust in your team to live by a code. Martin has distilled a culture in his management team by giving them a pot of money and full autonomy when it comes to complaints.

For example, if the boiler breaks and the guest complains - the management team are able to fix the problem and buy the guest an expensive bottle of wine without Martins permission - massively reducing stress!

18. Use smart interactive checklists before the guest arrives

Both Vreasy & BookingSync are great when in comes to automating guest & management notifications.

In this case, Martin uses a smart interactive checklist to ensure the guests have received their arrival instructions. Texts are sent if guests haven’t verified they’ve read the instructions.

This also presents an opportunity to determine the type of guest - do they want help or do they want to be left alone? Do they want a bottle of wine or tickets to an event?

The original post can be found here: https://www.smarthosts.org/posts/3ER4WvPhMTBxRqXvA/vacation-rental-world-summit-2016-roundup

Hope this helps

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