Having a website isn't where it ends – you also need to track its performance! Check out these 10 Google Analytics KPIs all vacation rental owners can focus on.

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Mike ArcherMike Archer
last year

This is a great overview, Jess.

I would suggest that owners also take the time to understand which individual pages are generating the most traffic especially when it comes to organic traffic.

Viewing organic traffic trends by landing page can give you additional insights similar to the ones you mentioned in the post (bounce rate, time on site, pages/session, etc).

If you made content changes to a page the previous month, did the bounce rate go up? Did it go down? Did the changes cause people to stay on the page longer?

This can help you identify a property that may be getting a lot of traffic from the search engines but for some reason doesn't convert very well or has a high bounce rate. Maybe it's always booked up? Maybe it's too expensive compared to competitors in the area?

All of those metrics become more valuable when you can view them at the page level.

Just a few thoughts ;)

last year

Yes absolutely, Mike! Thanks for your input.

It's definitely useful for owners to get to know the ins and outs of their best performing pages so they can optimize them in the future, have less cart abandonment and as a result, more bookings!

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