Guests state that Hosts provide a superior rental experience to hotels (78%) making short-term rentals a more compelling alternative. And smart tech is making it even better, both vacation guests (80%) and business travelers (92%) report they are more likely to complete their rental reservation if the property has smart home technology. In fact, 60% of Guests indicate they would pay more for a vacation rental with a smart home feature. Further, Hosts and Guests also believe smart home technology, such as smart locks (Hosts 85%; Guests 77%) and doorbell cameras (Hosts 85%; Guests 74%), will be a part of all rentals in the future.

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2 years ago

This is going to become more and more important. Once upon a time (early 2000's) adding a Playstation and large screen was always great for those rainly days and attracted parents!

These days its covering the whole experience and when Virtual Reality hits big time, combined with property heat/light/entry easy controls, these homes may become more important than those with views and hot tubs!

2 years ago

I am not surprised that guests and owners are embracing these developments in smart technology and I'm certainly glad they are, because it makes managing vacation rentals easier, more efficient, and more secure. As owner of a short term rental management company, I am a strong advocate of smart technology. We work in partnership with August, who make smart locks designed for vacation rental properties. We install these in our properties and they mean that guests can arrive with a digital key (provided by the app) and enter without our staff or the owner being present. This cuts costs, which means lower prices for guests and more profit for our owners. Key exchange is one of the pitfalls of vacation rental management and is often where things go wrong, whether it is late arrival of guests, security issues, guests forgetting to return keys, etc. If an owner prefers, they can screen guests remotely with the camera and remote locking/unlocking using the app. This is useful if multiple people are coming and going throughout the day and the owner needs to monitor who is entering the property.

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