Do you actually have the stats on the types of guests you've welcomed this year? Like most vacation rental owners you're probably attracting one to three types, and you do so by default, not because you actively targeted them. Learn from hotels, segment your guests and start marketing to your target audience.

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Is this a "how to please all of the people all of the time" type tip?

2 years ago

This is a fantastic article. Knowing your target demographic for your property is very important. Unless you buy a specific property and have a clear plan, you do not get to choose your target market, but rather they choose you.

It's important to learn the unique expectations of the demographic your property is targeted towards, and cater to them. As an example, if your target demographic is young individuals or event travelers, they may be more likely to leave a mess behind. Be prepared for this by having a cleaning fee and security deposit – and cleaners who can deal with deep cleans in case of possible spillage. You can also tailor your listing to this market by highlighting the amenities that millennials may be after, like outside spaces, hot tubs, pools, proximity to nightlife, etc. Highlighting nearby local events is also a good idea.

This approach can be followed for any other demographic too. For business travelers, offer fast internet, decent amenities, proximity to business centers and conferences, and self-check-in (this means smart locks). If this is your demographic, aim for the Airbnb business traveller badge – this goes a long way! Also make your titles explicit: “Spacious Apartment for Business Travelers in Heart of Business District” will immediately attract the right kind of attention.

Tammi SimsTammi Sims
2 years ago

I personally love that "Kitchen Luxuries" is listed for almost every category of guest. Kitchens are a bit part of what sets a vacation rental apart from a hotel. I know as a guest I am always thrilled with kitchen extras that are beyond standard items and amenities. For me it can even be little things like a lemon squeezer, garlic press, or kitchen staples like olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a set of spices. I'll book that place any day.

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