I am Mike Kugler - owner and CEO of VacaRent, LLC. I have been in the resort industry business as an owner and a developer of numerous software programs over the years.

November, 2017 my wife and I made the largest acquisition in our life when we purchased the URL Vacation Rentals for $500,300. At the time, it was the highest purchased price ever paid for a generic top level domain.

We bought the URL because we believed there was a market of homeowners and travelers who were tired of the games being played with commissions and fees. So far, it has worked out exceedingly well for us and the response has been fantastic.

If you too would like to try out our site, we are giving a free 6 month trial to all new members. At the end of 6 months you can either elect to allow your subscription to expire or you can sign up for $225 a year with nothing more to pay.

For additional information we encourage homeowners to sign up with our FB group page where we take input and advice from the members on how to improve our services to them.


We will always strive for the best customer service possible and hope you give us a shot.

With respect, Mike Kugler

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