Guest Experience refers to more than just the time guests spend at your property. From the moment they see your listing, to when their review has been posted, your guest experience system can influence them and their trip in a positive way. Your website, your communication both contribute to form an overall impression of your business.

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2 years ago

Great article! This is a really important read for those a little apprehensive about renting out their property, but also great for the long-time rental vets - we all need a little reminder on what can create the best guest experience. I work for a property management company that exclusively manages short-term vacation rentals like Airbnb properties, and I just wanted to reiterate how important the experiences can be. We have found that guests really love this interaction, and why shouldn’t they? They are choosing to stay in your place to experience a foreign city to them, of course they want suggestions and/or a guide from a local. People travel to explore new areas, but they also want to be told what they can’t miss out on. Try interacting with your guests this way and get some great feedback that will go a long way in helping them enjoy their stay. Plus, the greater the guests' experience, the more likely they will leave a great review and potentially return to rent your property in the future!

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