People who rent out their houses on Airbnb stand to make, on average, less than half of what they charge, new figures based on the company's data and checked by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) show.

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It is not worth doing if you can make similar money on a long let (unfurnished)? If you are doing long lets then you help maintain the local community?

So what would be a good way of regulating accommodation

  • Short Term Lets aka FHL [furnished holiday lettings]
  • Long Term let aka URL [unfurnished residential lettings]
  • Home Stay aka HS
  • Bed and Breakfast aka B&B

options for accommodation around the globe?

last year

This is interesting and it shows the small amount of income that is available and even less if you also start paying third parties for services. Its one of the much misunderstood areas of rental micro-economics in the VR world. Many people rent their places so it "washes its face" not to generate vast wealth or have it overused. We are moving into the world of mass rental by large professionals targeting those who see rentals as a bricks and mortar investment not as a home!

These will be hotels with one available night essentially and is a different commodity market that will see new brands appear, but will need commercial real estate deals to support them and more regulation.

Oh yes, they exist already: serviced apartments and hotel/aparts!

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