Hey @everyone, if you haven't already, please introduce yourself!

I probably should have added this option earlier but better late than never!


6 months ago

Hello! I'm Ken. I've been traveling a lot for work in Ontario Canada for the past few years, and it's so nice having the option of local Bnb's, staying in hotels all the time gets a little boring. I look forward to sharing. with all of you.

Hello! My husband and I run a small, rustic bed and breakfast in southeast Saskatchewan, Canada. Our motto β€œmore than a place to sleep” is a draw to people looking to truly get away from it all, rather than just a place to rest the head en route to a final destination. This is our second season with the b&b, though we’ve been working for 8 years to reclaim and beautify the abandoned property we now call home. We look forward to the opportunity to learn from those of you here who have more experience!

7 months ago

Hi, I'm Louise, new to the forum. Ive been hosting and staying with Airbnb for three years now. We love Airbnb both for hosting and for "guesting". :) We are huge fans of the opportunities they have provided for both options. We host in Southern California and our experience has been mostly excellent. :)

Hi @everyone,

My name is Andrei, I work in travel tech. Ex-COO of Hotelscan.com. I run a web development company - I2M Development - focusing on online travel, specifically hotels and VRs industry.

Also, I enjoy being Airbnb host for many years, and teach swing dance as my hobby.

Based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

last year

Welcome Andrei!

4 months ago

Hello everyone! I'm Ryan and I manage properties in Toronto and Miami. Looking forward to contributing to this awesome community!

This is Nars, CEO of RueBaRue. We provide a B2B SAAS platform for the vacation rental companies to recommend restaurants, activities and local experiences in their destination. Looking forward to staying engaged in this forum.

6 months ago

Hello Everyone,

I'm Chuck, I just started renting my property in Gatlinburg TN, near the Smoky Mountains just over a year ago. I'm am open book when it comes to new ideas for satisfying my guests and offering them an exceptional experience.

I came across this site on a podcast I was listening to, I'm so excited that there is forum for new ideas!

21 days ago

Hi Everyone,

My name is Matthew. I've been in the vacation rental industry for over 15 years. I love the industry and can attest to the success it can bring...if managed properly.

I now want to help others turn their rental into a vacation property.

Fully aware that there are larger, more established players in the industry, I feel they each have their own drawbacks (most of which I saw first hand). For one, too many listings in the same city can be overwhelming for a customer looking to book. Do you really want to search through hundreds if not thousands of similar listings to find the best one? As a homeowner, do you really want to pay $500/year and be stuck on the last page of the search?

So I decided to start a vacation rental website where we advertise a handful of exclusive, luxury rentals.

The advantages: Less competition means greater chances of your rental getting booked and it's FREE to list your rental.

If you have a luxury rental and would like to partner with us please contact me.


6 months ago

Hi all! My name is Chris, I'm an Airbnb host living in Bangkok and am a content marketing manager at GuestReady (link), a vacation rental management service in London, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.

Recently discovered Smarthosts and already gained a LOT of useful info - looking forward to connecting and learning more!

Hi everyone,

My name is Nick, I am the co-founder of Vuepeer a peer to peer travel search engine. We are hoping to aggregate many peer to peer platforms into one place. Let me know if you have any questions!

last year

Welcome Nick. Love the idea of a p2p travel site, it's exactly what everyone needs. Onboarding owners won't be too difficult, the main challenge I imagine you face is marketing ;)

However, people are becoming wary of the 1000s of new sites cropping up making promises and owners just don't have time to consider every new option. So there probably has to be something super unique to consider.

Yes, we have found that our users find it difficult as well the sift through all the different marketplaces to find the perfect rental. We hope to bring them listings from many companies and many marketplaces to facilitate peer to peer travel.

last year

Hello, everybody, I'm started a job as a rental agent, and I still need a lot of practice and knowledge I have a couple questions, what is the best way to advertise floating weeks , fortunately i have an account with great RCI points and i want to know what is the best strategy to advertise floating weeks , and what do you think guys ? there is any way to publish my listings in different websites without , editing one by one , as you see im pretty new in the bussines but i really want to learn

last year

Hi @kevini1 & welcome. I'd suggest Googling "vacation rental channel managers" for publishing your listing on multiple sites. Advertising floating weeks is much the same as advertising normally. Just make sure you have availability blocked off for the correct dates.

David CrossDavid Cross
10 months ago

Hi everyone!

I'm David! I've been hosting in New Orleans for a number of years now. I like hiking, coffee, and clean guests :)

4 months ago

Hi, I'm Kevin, owner of 2 rental properties SamoensAlpineHoliday and AdorVillaSpain. I've been doing holiday rentals for just over 10 years now and also do some part time work designing websites and website tutoring for fellow owners WebsiteProud I'm a software engineer by profession working for an aircraft company in Switzerland.

8 months ago

I'm Noah- I'm NYC based and I have 6 properties which I'm running on AirBNB having recently left my job as Strategy Consultant at a major strategy consulting firm. I'm passionate about creation, collaboration, and building digital, passive income streams. I'm currently at stage 0 in my journey and looking for others who want to collaborate. Also actively seeking tools to improve my airbnb and make it more streamlined so I can minimize my time investment. You can find me on IG at @nmencia09 or FB at N Alex Bravisimo. cheers

Hello from the rice paddies of Thailand...

We own two private pool villas in rural Thailand, where we also grow rice, run a lime orchard, and farm organic bananas, passion fruit, mango - and an ever-evolving array of fresh herbs and vegetables. We are set truly off the beaten path, but thanks to the web are able to manage and market our villas from the tropical heartlands of the Thai countryside.

You can drop by and visit us - virtually - at our websites to join us in the rice fields at

Our Thai vacation rental villa Green Gecko - traditionally Thai in style and sleeping up to 4 guests, and at

Our Thailand countryside property Gecko Villa - a 3 bedroom private pool villa in the countryside.

Ever since the launch of our villas, we have been keen proponents of the principle that keeping control of the booking flow is key, and the vast majority of reservations at our villas are direct bookings. In this way, we avoid the predominant "commission and fees" model for vacation rentals, and can build the best possible rapport with our guests. We can ensure that each holiday is tailor-made, communicate directly with our potential guests, and ensure that the match between holiday makers and our properties is one where both parties will be rewarded.

We also assist other vacation rental owners in creating search-optimized, responsive websites that will help them reclaim booking independence. Connecting these sites to social media also helps them to keep their content fresh and topical.

Our prior experience in developing, owning and managing hotels across Europe and SE Asia has also been invaluable in understanding the hospitality and travel markets. Connecting with Smarthosts is one more one way of keeping abreast with industry and, of course, with like-minded owners. We look forward to keeping in touch...

last year

Welcome! I love Thailand - I worked there for a year and brought back two dogs!

Where we also grow rice, run a lime orchard, and farm organic bananas, passion fruit, mango - and an ever-evolving array of fresh herbs and vegetables. We are set truly off the beaten path, but thanks to the web are able to manage and market our villas from the tropical heartlands of the Thai countryside.

This sounds amazing and a great USP for your brand. Something very important to leverage when going after direct bookings. I look forward to your contributions!

7 months ago

Hi everyone,

I'm Gareth, the owner of ukcaravans4hire.com. We have around 5000 privately owned holiday home listings situated across the UK, primarily consisting of static caravans.

I've found Smarthosts to be a fantastic resource for keeping up to date with the latest developments in the online travel world, it's such a fast moving market. Thanks for the service guys!

Regards Gareth

7 months ago

Good to hear the support Gareth

Hello everyone, Dennis here.

I've been an Airbnb host at London, UK, for over 3 years (4 listings), and I'm part of Aircapital.co's executive team.

We offer instant payouts for future Airbnb booking up to 90 days in advance. This means if approved, you get your payout in a matter of hours, instead of days, weeks, or months.

Our specialised invoice factoring service for short term rentals helps hosts/entrepreneurs grow their business as well as cover life expenses when they pop up.

I am keen to connect with more european hosts to keep building our product based on feedback.

Also if anyone would like to get in touch, just drop me a line at [email protected]

Cheers, Dennis

last year

Welcome Dennis, thanks for introducing yourself. Very interesting, this:

Invest your savings or Airbnb earnings through our secured peer-to-peer model, with advances issued to credible, individually screened Airbnb hosts only.

sounds like a unique concept for the industry. I look forward to following your company & to see how receptive owners & managers in Europe are πŸ˜€

Mike ArcherMike Archer
9 months ago

Hey everyone,

A little late to the party but thought I would introduce myself anyway.

My name is Mike and I'm one of the co-founders of Magnetic Strategy. We're a digital marketing agency focused on helping vacation rental managers drive sustainable direct bookings. We primarily focus on generating bookings for our clients through SEO, Content Marketing, and Conversion Rate Optimization.

Feel free to shoot us any questions, we're always happy to help.


4 months ago

Hi I'm Hassan and interested in travel and touring around the world. I am from Sri Lanka and here are some cool places which you could visit while you are here in Sri Lanka. A link.

11 months ago

Hi Everyone!

I am new to this forum - I manage 140 houses and 35 wholesale resort agreements in Los Cabos Mexico. My website is www.cabovillas.com and I am excited to see tips on how to increase occupancy!

Julie Byrd VP Sales [email protected]

11 months ago

Welcome Julie!

last year

Hello all,

I'm Russell. I have been an owner for 10 years, running a cottage in Devon, UK as a holiday let. I joined Smarthosts to hear some different views, and listen to a less UK-centric view of our industry.

I have become so disillusioned with what has happened to our industry since the global OTAs became dominant that I decided, last year, to use my meagre technology skills to create a 'Book Direct' website for independent owners. So, I am one of the 1000's mentioned elsewhere on here who are trying to push back. Wish me luck!

last year

Welcome Russell, excellent news & good luck!

Connie ChanConnie Chan
2 months ago

Hi @everyone,

I'm Connie, I work for a UK Airbnb management company called Pass the Keys. My colleague came across this website and I found it quite informative! By the way, if you are interested in short letting, you will find some Airbnb hosting tips and news here. Thank you!

2 months ago

Hi Everybody! I'm Robert. I just stumbled across this forum. I can't believe I didn't take notice of it before. Anyway, here is the bio from my blog: Thinker, writer, coach, consultant... Robert Andrews purchased his first Vacation Rental in Florida in 2009, and has concentrated on building his own VR business & helping other owners to do the same ever since. His work is focused on Marketing, Guest Experience, Operations and Remote Management. His personal blog, 'The Happy Guest', features selected articles and writings on VR subjects since 2008. You can see all kinds of my musings at thehappyguest.com (I apologize in advance for my keen dislike of most things AirBnB. I realize that owners who have 'grown up' in that ecosystem won't appreciate my concerns about AirBnB and their effect on the industry, but there are much better ways of operating than what that site allows. I have similar concerns with any supplier to the industry that wants to dictate how an owner should run their business.) Warm regards and best wishes for happiness, health and success to everyone!

2 months ago

My name is Melissa - a frequent Airbnb world traveller and holidaymaker.

I am also part of the Marketing Team at Pass The Keys, a property management service specialising in short-term lettings and servicing ten cities across the UK, including London, Brighton, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol, Bath, Manchester and York.

We are very excited to chat to people on this forum to provide some tips and tricks! Can't wait to get involved in the community.

last year

Hi all :) I'm Tania, Aussie-born but currently enjoying the sunshine in Portugal.

I'm a frequent traveller guest but also interested in the hosting side of things. I'm currently working with airhosta (http://www.airhosta.com/) an online marketplace that connects vacation rental hosts with all kinds of professional services. Our mission is to make it easier for hosts to find reputable services (property managers, cleaners, etc.) in their area.

There's a lot of interesting topics here and knowledge to be shared - looking forward to chatting to you all. :)

3 months ago

Hello, I'm Vivien, and I live in France. We offer great rental properties for your holidays in Val d'Isere. Don't hesitate to visit our real estate agency's website to learn more about these opportunities!

Don't hesitate to text me your questions, and I will answer you with pleasure! Vivien.

last year

Hi Danny and everyone,

Thank's for this awesome forum!

My name is Alexandra and I'm Marketing Director at a company called VQuarter (www.vquarter.com). We have developed a solution for vacation rental managers to help the holiday rental process run as smoothly as possible for both rental managers and their guests.

Our business idea is to streamline maintenance work, help organize property information and to enhance the guest experience. We have developed 1 back office for managers, and 2 applications, one for the field workers, and one for the guests.

With the guest application, the guest has all information about their rented property gathered in their phone. The guest can also order additional services such as late checkout, mid-stay cleaning, airport pickup etc. The rental manager chooses which services to offer to his guests- an easy way to get higher ratings and add extra revenue streams to your rental! Don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like to know more!

Looking forward to being a part of this community! Alexandra

last year

Hi Alexandra. Interesting, I imagine ancillary services will probably be the next big thing for holiday rentals - which is an area OTAs are also working hard on. I hope it goes well & welcome πŸ‘

My name is Erinc and I'm hosting on Airbnb since 2012. I have hosted 1500+ guests with 750 reviews until now.

After managing 11 listings in my hometown, started to develop a mobile tool Your Porter App for Airbnb hosts with multiple listings like me.

Syncing calendars, automating Airbnb/Email/SMS messages, coordinating teammates are some of the useful features of Your Porter App.

I like to learn new things about how tech can help us creating a better guest experience and what other hosts from all over the world offers amazing places to stay.

I like to travel with Airbnb as well and and attended 2 Airbnb Open in Paris and Los Angeles so far.

last year

Hi Erinc,

Welcome! Great idea & beautiful app. How are you getting the booking information from Airbnb - do you have a partnership/connection with Airbnb? πŸ˜€

Hosts can either sync their iCAL links with Your Porter App or give API access with their username and passwords.

For some features like automating Airbnb messages and viewing messaging history, Airbnb credentials are required, though.

We are not affiliated with Airbnb as Your Porter App.

Greetings everyone. Glad to be joining this community. AS one of the longest tenured Superhosts with Airbnb, hopefully I can share some things and learn some things here. Look forward to learning and contributing.
Thanks! Stanley

last year

Hi @Danny and Everyone Else,

David Jacoby from Hostfully here. I'm an Airbnb Superhost in San Francisco for over 2 years in a row, and have spoken at the past two Airbnb Open conferences. I also have a "Pioneer Badge" on Couchsurfing.org and have used that extensively as both a host and guest.

I'm Co-founder and President of Hostfully, a platform to help hosts be better hosts, including making it easy to create beautiful digital (and print) guidebooks for your guests.

Looking forward to being a part of this community.

Hostfully Yours, David

4 months ago

Hello Everybody! Consider me your "go to" expert on websites, online marketing and saving you money from rental commissions, hosting fees and what some of your guests pay - "service/traveler fees" from the big sites. VR Owners come to me to learn how to migrate away from the big rental hosting sites and become more independent. Watch for some of my educational posts or reach out to me if you have any questions... I'm here to help! :) Website: link

Hey everyone!

Somehow I never introduced myself on this thread so wanted to say hi!

This Ian from Beyond Pricing (https://beyondpricing.com).

We are dynamic pricing software integrated into most of the big property management systems. We also have some neat market data and nearby listings products that we offer for free, so definitely check us and those out!

Thanks Richard/Danny and the Rentivo team for this awesome community!

Best, Ian

last year

Welcome Ian and thanks!

Erik ChanErik Chan
4 months ago

Hello, my name is Erik Chan. My fiance and I host in Burlingame (nearby San Francisco, CA). We're looking to invest in a few more places to rent out on airbnb and are also working on a product to help other hosts gain additional income.

2 years ago

My names @Danny.

I’ve worked in the vacation rental space for over two years, building technology to help owners and managers take control of their hospitality business. I'm a marketing guy at heart with some development experience.

I am also the founder of smarthosts.org πŸ€“

If you don't find me hanging around smarthosts.org, you can find me on chess.com.

Hi all,

I work in marketing/editing for Guest Hook, which offers pro copy and content for vacation rentals. Happy to join!

2 years ago

Welcome @amandam! I enjoyed Guest Hook's presentation at the VRWS. I read your content regularly & look forward to seeing it on Smarthosts!

2 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm Debi. I own and manage 4 vacation rentals in Oregon (oregonshearwater.com) and am very active in our host community in Portland. Our podcast Hosting Your Home, stories of Airbnb hosts (http://hostingyourhome.com), can be heard from whatever podcast listening platform you use. It's been my pleasure to organize and administer our local monthly host meetups and provide a platform for host communications via meetup.com and Facebook. It has been an honor to initiate the very first H2H conference (host-to-host) in the Pacific Northwest, which will be announced very soon. I'm passionate about the sharing economy and how we can all help each other, in sharing our wisdom and experiences to build better communities, enhance connections and be ambassadors for our parts of the world.

2 years ago

Hi Debi, That's awesome... your podcasts and input are very welcome. I'm glad to see you're taking such an active role in sharing information. Keep it up!

My Friends RoomMy Friends Room
2 years ago

Hi I am Clare, Founder and CEO of MyFriendsRoom – a new platform where members can rent travel accommodation from their friends and friends of friends. www.myfriendsroom.com

2 years ago

Hey Clare, welcome to the community. Interesting concept, like a peer-to-peer but friend-to-friend platform. I hope the crowdfunding goes well πŸ˜€

My Friends RoomMy Friends Room
2 years ago

Yes absolutely! Thanks

2 years ago

Welome Clare!

Tyann MarcinkTyann Marcink
2 years ago

Hi! I'm Tyann. :) Alanna just told me about this awesome forum, and I see so many other familiar industry friends here as well!

I have two properties in Branson, Missouri. You can see them at vacationhomeinbranson.com.

I am also a professional photographer with focus on vacation rentals. I have written two ebooks and created a video course on vacation rental photography to teach others how to do it, whether you are an owner, manager, or photographer who wants to create awesome photos of vacation rental properties. tyannmarcink.com.

You might have also come across my articles on vacation rental photography on leading industry sites like HomeAway, GuestHook, Lodgify, RentalsUnited, rented., and more.

I also have free tips on photography, video, marketing, and being an owner over at my blog.

And I create websites for property owners.

P.S. I have my passport and will travel to any of your beautiful properties to shoot them. ;)

2 years ago

Hey Tyann, welcome to the community!

I've followed your articles for a while now, many of which have been featured on here!

If you're also interested in guest posting here or on our sister site rentivo.com please get in touch, I'd love to have you & or Alanna write something - my email is [email protected] πŸ˜„

Tyann MarcinkTyann Marcink
2 years ago

Thanks, Danny! I'll send you an email. :)

2 years ago

Lynne here, quite like this forum :)

I am a host who's been a very long time happy VRBO user. That is until Expedia bought it. For me, functionality of the site has been going downhill ever since. No worries though, I can easily adapt.

Just working on my own independent site. http://kelownavacationhouse.ca/home. This will give me an opportunity to work directly with my past and returning guests. Then I'll rely on all other channels to top up with new prospects every year. My goal is to book up to 90% on my own.

I'm also the owner/founder of http://vrsupplies.ca/ a fun, super easy to use, online store that bridges the gap between importers/manufacturers of commercial hotel grade products and VR property owners.

2 years ago

Howdy Lynne, thanks for joining. I love the look of your vrsupplies website. Plus you've got some really interesting blog posts which would be awesome for smarthosts!

2 years ago

Welcome Lynne!

I'm glad to hear you're adapting. A 90% direct occupancy rate is a great goal to work toward - Let us know how it goes!

2 years ago

Hi, I'm Stephen and I'm a vacation rental Home owner in Florida. I'm also one of the four founding members of link. Tripelli.com is a brand new listing site intended to right some of the injustices which have recently been heaped upon us by Expedia through their Homeaway/VRBO/Owners Direct brands. We're passionate about trying to do something about this situation, and to take action before our businesses are reduced to being nothing more than a memory.

It's also good to see that Smarthosts are a voice against the corporate takeover of the holiday/vacation rental market.

Rod FittsRod Fitts
2 years ago

Hi everyone I am Rod Fitts, President of the Association of Vacation rental Operators and Affiliates (AVROA). It’s great to be part of this group. The Internet changed everything for the VR Industry and what we are all experiencing right now is our market trying to catch up with technology. That is why discussion groups like this and trade associations like AVROA is so important. Thanks to everyone at Smarthosts for spending the time and money to support this forum:) rod

2 years ago

Welcome rod :)

Hello, my name is Robin Morris and I am the co-founder of Bookster which is a platform for vacation rental promotion websites, taking/organising bookings & payments.

We are based in Edinburgh, Scotland and have been on the go since 2007.

If you are in Edinburgh, we hold regular Meet ups in Edinburgh with holiday rental professionals so come and have a chat!

2 years ago

Welcome Robin! Meet ups, what a great idea and Edinburgh's a lovely place.

Plus it's always nice to see more software helping owners take direct bookings.

I look forward to your contributions :)

2 years ago

Hello Everyone, I am Mike. I reside in Denver, CO but have (2) VR's in Scottsdale, AZ and looking to expand this portfolio. I recently sold my IT services business of 25 years and this is my next chapter. I've launched a website http://www.thejetsethost.com with the goal of creating a shared platform for VR owners in Arizona that are top notch and serious about growing their own independent businesses. I look forward to reading everyone's posts and contributions. My strengths are in financial modeling and technology, but lacking in the marketing arena (probably a generational thing) so I'm looking for marketing help/direction and happy to share any insight so feel free to fire me comments and questions. Cheers!

6 months ago

Hi everyone,

My name is Kate and I am the marketing coordinator at link. We provide keyless access automation technology for short-term rental property managers to help improve and grow their business. We provide software that integrates with rental platforms and property management systems and automatically syncs all bookings to allow scheduled entry to guests, cleaners, hosts, and maintenance.

Looking forward to communicating with everyone in the forum. If you have any questions about check-in automation or EveryDoor's services, I am your gal!


2 years ago

Hi All, This is Bonny Chacko from Kochi, India. I started working with the global vacation rental industry from the last quarter of 2013. I really came to know about the VR industry since I started working with a technology company in the VR space. I have been exploring this industry since then and got obsessed with it :) About Nibodha, It's an IT services company focusing on technology development exclusively for the vacation rental companies/Property Managers/Owners. Being in this industry for a while, I think am too late to register in the SmartHost Platform. Very happy to be with all of the industry experts here. I expect to build new connections and to get informed about the industry updates as well. If you would like to get connected or would like to discuss anything on the technology side of the vacation rental industry. Please reach out to me on LinkedIn or sent a mail to [email protected]

Cheers! Bonny Chacko

2 years ago

Hi everyone, my name is Alberto, marketing manager in http://www.avaibook.com/en/

We are a Vacation rental Software which links property managers with travellers.

We are a group of people crazy about the vacation rental industry.

Can't wait to contribute here with our knowledge about it. You can connect with us here: https://twitter.com/avaibook_europe

Best regards!

2 years ago

Welcome Alberto! Awesome, I've followed you on twitter πŸ˜‰. I'm excited to read your posts & comments! Let me know if you need anything.

2 years ago

Thank you so much Danny. Keep in touch!

Hi Danny and Community,

I have two vacation rentals. One of my rentals is in Lake Tahoe, California (but I recently transitioned to a long term rental) and the other one is in Kauai, Hawaii.

I am a committed and dedicated hostess and I found that I was so fond of the business that I started a small business The Distinguished Guest, where I help owners stock their rental with commercial linens, amenities and more. I also share my own experiences as a vacation rental owner and hostess on my distinguished guest blog.

Kauai Vacation Rental Website - http://princevillevacationrental.com The Distinguished Guest Website - https://www.thedistinguishedguest.com

Thanks for having me in the group Danny!


2 years ago

You're welcome! I prefer not to think of this community as mine! I only built the infrastructure - It belongs to anyone who contributes!

Love the blog & look forward to your posts!

Hello all !

I'm Romain Giacalone, live in south of France, in Provence. I'm life, sun, beach and wine lover.

Like @Danny I'm a marketing guy, with SEO background, I was Head of SEO at RueDuCommerce, a french leading e-commerce company for 6 years, initiating SEO and Social Media strategy for the company.

Since 2013, I'm freelance consultant and launched my company Docteur Folimage, for marketing and digital tourism consultancy. I worked for great companies like Airbnb, Tourism Authority of Thailand, French District, Toocamp (Webedia)

Since april 2016 I joined BookingSync as Marketing and User Happiness Strategist, working on many subjects as social media, UX, product improvements.

I'm also Airbnb Superhost since almost 5 years, nominated Airbnb France Top Host in 2014 , invited at Airbnb Open San Francisco and on stage at Superhost Panel at Airbnb Open Paris last year.

This year I published a book Les conseils d'un Top Host Airbnb pour mieux louer you can download a free excerpt (in french only) on LivreAirbnb.com

I'm passionate about Hospitality and guest experience, this year I also launched a Property Management service in Aix en Provence's area.

Happy to join you and share tips & thoughts with you


2 years ago

Welcome Romain! Gosh, you've done it all! Your experience will be really useful around here, thanks for being involved πŸ’ͺ🏾

Thanks ;)

Aaron RansomAaron Ransom
last year

Hey everyone! Reading through the site so far, I'm glad to have found you guys. πŸ˜„

I've been renting my cabin for the past 3 years now. I'm always learning what to and what not to do with every guest and try to make the next stay better. By the looks of it, I'm in the same mindset as some other hosts when it comes to having our properties treated more like hotels than homes with the big guys.

While I love the bookings I get from places like Airbnb and Homeaway, I think the shift toward less control hasn't been right for us as owners so I started my own rental site. While I'd love for everyone here to list their property, more than that, feedback would be amazing. If anyone has a few minutes, you can create an account and use the code FIRST100 to get 6 months free (and cancel if you're just giving feedback). Site is VacayHere.

And, with a background in web and marketing, I'm looking forward to contributing in any way possible here. Happy 2017!

Great idea.

My name is Jan and I've been renting holiday apartments and rooms since more than 5 years, using a variety of sites such as Airbnb, Flipkey, Booking, Roomorama and many more. I'm a dedicated host always trying to do my best to make my guests feel as comfortable as possible. I'm also a professional SEO expert, online marketer and web analyst.

I love to connect and share tips and experiences with other dedicated hosts and vacation rental owners and I have a blog where I'm sharing my own experiences from hosting, the Airbnb tips blog: http://the-airbnb-tips-blog.webnode.com

Connect with me on twitter: https://twitter.com/jan_jord

The smarthosts.org site looks like a great concept and I'm exited to see the further development and progress of this website.

2 years ago

Hey @everyone, I'm Michael.

I've been in STR since 2001, Initially in Cardiff, UK...as a software company and booking engine, covering VR and Serviced Apartments globally.

In 2004 I moved into being an owner / host / Operator of STR properties. After reaching 200 properties across London, Bristol and Cardiff in 2008, I sold that business and the portfolio.

I took a career break for a few years, until deciding to set up again as an owner / host. However, this time in Orange County, California, where I have been since 2013. I currently have a small portfolio of STR properties and love living near the beach!!

It's truly remarkable how this industry has changed and evolved over the last 16 years....I very much look forward to being part of this group and see how things change over the next 16 years.

I can be found at: https://twitter.com/SerenityStays

2 years ago

Hey Michael, welcome!

Thanks for the introduction and what a journey to owning a small portfolio in California! I've only been in the industry for a few years and it's already changed so much! I built this website because it's more important than ever to learn and share ideas.

We become better when we work together.

I look forward to your contributions πŸ˜€

2 years ago

Hi, I'm Andy. My wife and I run our accessible holiday villa in the Eastern Mediterranean on the island of Cyprus. Our customers are the focus of what we do. We monitor the changes in the vacation rental industry and are continually adapting our business model to ensure we can be found by those who want a great accessible vacation experience on the island of Aphrodite. We can be found at https://www.villacarpediem.co.uk Connect with us on twitter: https://twitter.com/villacarpediem Thanks for creating this welcoming space @Danny Best, Andy

2 years ago

Welcome @vcd-andy, it's great to have you on board! It's awesome your holiday villa is completely accessible... It's something you don't see often and a great focus.. from a marketing perspective too!

I look forward to reading your future posts & comments πŸ˜€

Hello everyone! I'm Ben, new to the forum and new to hosting. I have a cabin in Colorado, which I've been working on, furnishing and getting ready to rent as a STR. I look forward to engaging in conversation, exchanging tips and getting to know some of you.

last year

Hi....so happy to have found this forum. My name is Sharon and my husband Ronn and I are Superhosts in Brooklyn, NY and love it. We would like to do this on a larger scale and plan on learning all we can as we will be purchasing additional vacation rentals in the near future. Here's a link to our Airbnb listing: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/2154567?s=51

last year

Welcome :)

Hey. @everyone.

My name is Shixiong from GuestBook. I love travel and technology and I am doing my master of Integrated Marketing at Emerson College.

Currently I worked as a marketing associate for GuestBook. GuestBook provides apps for home-sharing hosts to manage their properties, reservations and guests. Key features of GuestBook include Communicate with incoming guests, stay on top of events at your property (such as cleanings, check ins and check outs), earn extra revenue by allowing guests to extend their stay and get a full view of how your property is performing over time and more to come.

Here is our website: http://useguestbook.com/


Nigel GoodwinNigel Goodwin
2 years ago


I am Nigel, owner of four holiday properties in Newquay. Recently released a new listing site ownerholidays.com, which is collaborative and cooperative. Member of LayMyHat for many years, I have only just come across this site.

p.s. I am trying to find a bit about this forum, but struggling. How long has it been going, which geographic area is covered (mainly USA owners?). Who is it aimed at? What are the rules of the site? I am a member of LayMyHat, which is a similar forum but mainly for UK owners.

2 years ago

Hey Nigel, welcome to the community! ownerholidays.com is a good idea - one that's getting more popular by the day.

I built Smarthosts.org off the back of a popular newsletter we run called "VR Weekly". It's about 3-4 months old now and doesn't have a big search engine presence yet.

I used to curate content each week for our subscribers - now Smarthosts is live, the community curates the best content throughout the week.

Smarthosts is aimed at savvy hosts/managers & content providers.

Last months demographics were as follows:

I look forward to your contributions!

2 years ago

Hi I am Brian property manager in the Orlando, Fl market since 2008, I am also the founder of MyGuestbook.com a platform which brings a 5* hotel concierge system to the vacation rental industry. I am passionate about improving our manager and hosts day to day running of their vacation homes but more importantly I am driven to improve the Guest Experience in the Vacation home industry. Our platform is free for managers and owners to use and gives guests access to everything they need about where they are staying, the ability to communicate easily with their manager and access to a trip planning tool which they can use to plan their entire trip with family and friends traveling with them. Guests have over 150,000 activities, attractions and Golf to purchase from world wide and the list is growing.

I look forward contributing and hearing from fellow managers and owners on Smarhost.org and seeing how we can help improve our industry.

2 years ago

Hi Brian, welcome to Smarthosts!

Love the idea behind Guestbook, from watching the video, it looks like a cross between Pinterest boards, Trello & Airbnb Trips!

I'd be interested to see how it involves as you move into new locations.

I look forward to your posts!

Jayne McCawJayne McCaw
2 years ago

Hi I am Jayne.

I started renting my cottage in Muskoka, Canada in 2012 and realized that this could be a viable business of renting out luxury cottages in the region.

Enjoy travelling and meeting people and being very entrepreneurial I thought I could market a brand that met the luxury traveller's needs in Muskoka. Now 2 years later I have over 100 luxury cottages and also a full range of concierge services, such a boat rentals, private chefs and massage therapists.


My background is marketing and sales (brand management at Kraft for7 years) as well as software sales (15 years in technology sales).

The industry has taken a monumental shift since I started this business and we all need to be proactive and aware of the shifting tides. I rely on this group for help in navigating these waters and learning from the experts in this group.

2 years ago


2 years ago

Hey Jayne, welcome! I'm glad Smarthosts has been helpful in navigating these fresh waters. You've achieved a lot in just 2 years! I look forward to your future posts and insights πŸ˜€.

Victoria HastyVictoria Hasty
2 years ago

Victoria, owner of log homes in the Smoky Mountains Tennessee www.smoky-mountains-cabin.com

2 years ago

Weclome Victoria!

Suzanne EvansSuzanne Evans
2 years ago

Hello everyone out there, My name is Suzanne Evans, Tourism Consultant Manager/Marketing Manager working for http://www.vacationcluster.com/, a website which connects property managers and home owners with travelers who seek space, value and amenities of vacation rental homes as an alternative to hotels.

Yesterday I came across this website and I am just amazed to see such awesome website for vacation rental industry. Great platform to learn new things from everyone over here. Thanks.

2 years ago

Hey Suzanne, welcome to the forum! I'm glad you like the website, it's still super new so if you have any feature requests, feedback or anything else you'd like, please let us know πŸ‘πŸ½

Suzanne EvansSuzanne Evans
2 years ago

Yeah Sure Danny :)

Hi Everyone,

My name is Roshan and I am the founder of Tripvillas - one of the leading Asian Vacation Rental websites. Look forward as always to learning and improving my knowledge here.

All About AirbnbAll About Airbnb
2 years ago

Hey, Matteo here (https://twitter.com/sliver86).

I am a long time guest and host, and as a side project I run http://all-about-airbnb.com, where I share news, insights & analyses about Airbnb (that usually haven't been announced elsewhere).

If you have any interesting tips, send them over at [email protected] :)

2 years ago

Nice to e-meet you Matteo, welcome to Smarthosts! Love your website, just seen an intro email as I'm typing... will reply πŸ‘

Mike MatthewsMike Matthews
last year

Hello Everyone, Please check out www.FLTsite.com - We are an online hosting site, similar to AirBnB, that specializes in the commercial Airline industry in the U.S. Our Guests are Pilots, Flight Attendants and Flight Crew that are in town working their shifts. We are starting in Los Angeles, soon to expand around the U.S. We need a white board or explainer video to place on our homepage to provide a brief explanation of what is unique about our site (specifically compared to other hosting sites). We offer:

  • Pre-verified Guests - all of our Guests have had to pass extensive background checks to work for their organizations
  • Pre-verified Hosts and Residences - Hosts have provided their identification and proof of property ownership; FLTsite pre-verifies each residence prior to it being included for reservation in our database
  • Our Guests are professionals, working during their stay; thus their expectations and needs are different from typical "vacation guests" that use the competing Hosting Sites (like AirBnB); resulting in more frequent bookings
  • Guests are only charged by the 1/2 day; they aren't charged for leaving early.

FLTsite.com "The Easy Way to Stay While Away"

2 years ago

Hey @everyone,

My names Cameron and I own 2 holiday homes in South Africa.

8 months ago

Hi everyone,

I'm Alistair, the digital marketing manager of Amazing Accom. We're a booking portal for holiday homes, villas and apartments in New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands + 27 more countries worldwide.

I came across the site by chance and am keen to get involved with the community here!

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