Whether you've hosted guests directly from Airbnb, read about the site in the news, or stayed in one of their over two million properties, Airbnb, recently valued at $25.5 billion, is here to stay. Many service members spend much of their lives moving from one base to another.

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As the West's population ages are more people going to turn their major asset - their house to provide an income stream?

2 years ago

Couldn’t agree more. Airbnb has been the trendy short-term vacation rental community to be a part of, but others - like HomeAway - are making great strides to get there. This means it couldn’t be a better time to make a little extra income by either renting out your primary home when you’re away, or purchasing a secondary home to use as a vacation home and rent out the rest of the year. Many are doing this and making a solid income, you just have to know what you’re getting into. The industry is booming right now and many experts agree it is only going to get bigger as more people are able to go on vacations and more options for vacation rentals are popping up. Take advantage of it.

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