Showcasing your home's best features on your Airbnb, HomeAway or VRBO profile tempts travelers to your property. In the travel industry, a contemporary kitchen, a hot tub or an impressive [...]

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3 years ago

There is some good advice here for owners listing on Airbnb, VRBO etc. SEO for listings is a huge opportunity for properties to receive more visibility. Just like working on SEO for webpages, there are a few simple things that can transform your listing's search rankings.

I've noticed, from being a guest myself sometimes, that guests form an emotional connection with the property based on what it looks like, not necessarily the amenities. So it's definitely worth taking the time to get high quality photos to grab the attention of travelers. Fortunately good photos also increase a property's SEO. I think sparking travelers' imaginations with great photos is a surefire way to get them to book. This is a great post and I really appreciate the content on this forum!

2 years ago

Great tips @SeanConway, much appreciated. Totally agree with you and @johnmakro RE: high quality photos - it's true, customers buy with their eyes! Just don't forget to add photo captions so your images are optimized, too.

There are a ton of other ways vacation rental owners can ensure SEO on-page optimization for their websites, and I go into great detail on the topic here:

Would love to know your thoughts!

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