Vacations are tranquil, serene occasions to create space in our lives to unwind, even if for just a short time. Most vacation guests are seeking an opportunity to relax and expect an optimum experience. As a vacation rental owner, you're looking for those optimum experiences to be reflected in your ratings and subsequent referrals.

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2 years ago

If the advertised services live up to a guest's expectations then they'll leave a 5 star review! For glowing reviews and referrals, however, you have to surprise your guests and give them something they don’t expect.

As the article says offering discounts for longer stays makes your guests feel like they’re getting a great value, and it saves you money from turnaround and prep costs, not to mention the effort involved. It's a win-win. Never be afraid of asking for 5 star reviews. A gentle message politely asking your guests does no harm and if they enjoyed their stay, they will want to do it for you. For newcomers to vacation rentals, this may provide some useful information in securing 5* reviews

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