Email marketing is the most controllable, cheapest form of digital marketing there is — but it comes with a catch. Netting email subscribers takes time and the right strategies. Put simply, the more guests and potential guests on your email newsletters, the higher a chance of snagging more bookings when you send out promotional messages. In this post, we’re going to dive in on email collection popups (sometimes referred to as modals) as a means to grow your list and earn more every single time you send out a message.

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last year

Great article, thanks for posting Conrad.

I agree, it's important to capture information without annoying people. I see exit modals and popup boxes in my face so often now, it's second nature to ignore.

I came across this subtle email box earlier, which was smartly labelled "anti-newsletter". It caught my attention and the text compelled me to leave my email address! Here take a look:

I found it at the bottom of this blog post.

last year

I agree, argues that having a smaller popup actually increases conversions - but they're biased, and they're in a different industry

Interesting strategy -- the humor element can work for sure as well!

last year

Just found this haha :-

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