Does anyone know anything about I been approached to advertise via their site...They act as a channel manager to all the other rental sites. But I know nothing about them 'good or bad'. Can anyone enlighten me?? many thanks matthew


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Hi Matthew,

I have never used but know was created by Vacasol - a danish travel agency for holiday homes all over Europe.

Vacasol was a fairly large company but has recently become insolvent after filing for bankruptcy: - This news came a few days after Leisure Link (a large channel manager) closed its operations.

I believe Your.Rentals is an attempt to move into the technology space (B2B) rather than letting holiday rentals.

Looking at their fees, they seem relatively steep as channel managers go, taking a commission from guests & the booking - similar to OTAs - something I'd normally try and avoid - seeing as OTAs are already taking huge fees! Here is their business price plan:

  • €0 monthly fee
  • 8% commission
  • 15% guest booking fee*

Having said that, I have not used their software and perhaps there is good reason for its price.

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Vacasol were an early distribution player and took advantage of smart tech to monetise via larger listing sites. As more companies went direct via channel managers or direct API's, this cut out their (non-contracted) inventory and would have seen requests to desist from duplication by their managers. Their business would have declined substantially.

I'm assuming "" is the tech foundation that distributed the data and has been bought out and pivoted.

The question is "pay by property" or pay a commission. We have noticed a move to pay by property rather than commission. The ability to push thousands of properties that don't book is an issue. It must leave the channel manager with lots of support and hard work and less income per property. It drives poor inventory to the marketplaces, who already have oversupply in many places. Pay per property makes sure the business models are aligned between channel and supplier.

The thing I noticed more importantly is the terms on payments from bookings:

"We collect Guest payments, then make a payout to you for each booking. Simply nominate the bank account you’d like to receive your payouts and we’ll automatically send you money 24 hours after guest check-in."

This is a cash flow generator for but has risks for the inventory manager as some have seen. It's OK for Airbnb they have $bn's in the bank and bring bookings. 15% Guest Service fee! That's more than Airbnb and HomeAway.

The race to be a distributor of rentals to the OTA's has seen some challenges and a lot of players, such as the demise of LeisureLink last year with a similar payment model that has left a lot of people in debt.


matthew bellmatthew bell
2 years ago

This year is looking to be very difficult for us holiday rental owners...I have seen a steep drop off of bookings this year?? We have always had near full bookings for summer by the end of march. So I have been searching for new ways to promote the rentals. Any suggestions would be great;) Thank you for your insight into

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