Payfully offers advance payments for your upcoming Airbnb reservations. You can now get paid as soon as the booking happens; you don't need to wait for your guest to check in.

If you need payments for another STR platform, let us know!

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Oh dear... Invoice factoring for airbnb ... Why would you want to pay these guys between 3% to 9% when you can pay 2% to airbnb and paid straight away?

7 months ago

Hello! Thanks for your comment. The option to be paid straight away by Airbnb, isn't available for all hosts. Many hosts and vacation rentals use the advances we provide to reinvest in their properties and price the night at a higher rate, they also invest the money to list other properties and increase their Airbnb income.

6 months ago

Its an interesting concept as the Airbnb methods prove cash flow negative. Too many seasonal bookings made in January for August would bankcrupt some companies.

How are the bookings cancelled by Airbnb (not the owner) managed if money as been paid to owners already?

6 months ago

Thanks Richard! Cashing out bookings in low season has helped our users. In the case of cancellation, we waive the fees and the host has 60 days to repay us without any extra fee/interest. Hosts can also pay us with new future bookings. If you are a host, would love you to sign up at and give us your feedback :)


Why is it not available for all hosts?

6 months ago

Airbnb doesn't offer advance payments to hosts.

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