The Supertraveler manifesto is a 10,000 word package which Skift has spent the past four months creating. It focuses on what "Supertravelers" want from the travel industry and how you can improve your experience.

Probably the most interesting and useful section of the article for vacation rental professionals is the "10 Maxims of the Supertraveler Mindset". This is what Supertravelers want and this is how we can drastically improve our guest experience:

Improve Guest Experience with the 10 Maxims of the Supertraveler Mindset:

  1. We want authenticity and trust in our sources for inspiration and advice on where to go and stay.

  2. Search, planning, and discovery is NOT the hassle before the experience, it IS the experience.

  3. We want real rewards for our loyalty; gimmicks will only breed resentment and disloyalty.

  4. Travel is for personal enrichment, but fulfillment comes from sharing experiences with others.

  5. Stepping outside of the mundane rests at the core of travel, but we also look for continuity.

  6. We want genuine brands that actually care about us and the communities that they impact.

  7. Help us through the rough parts, but allow us to find our own way — let us fulfill our own quest.

  8. Tech and connectivity are a great complement to our travel experience, but don’t overload us.

  9. We want the human element back in an otherwise commoditized and impersonal experience.

  10. We want to come back to our ordinary worlds feeling transformed and inspired.


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