Airbnb announced for the first time that it would enforce a legal limit on the number of nights a year a host in London and Amsterdam can rent out a home. Thursday's announcement, coupled with several deals made over the past year, shows the company has started to offer more compromises to make peace with cities.

As mentioned in this post: The latest in my email this morning from Airbnb aka Big Daddy, this was Airbnb's email to hosts:

We believe that hosts in London make a positive contribution to the city by >welcoming guests into their homes and showing them the very best of what >Londoners love about our capital. We want to help ensure that home sharing >grows responsibly and sustainably, and makes London’s communities stronger.

That is why we are introducing a change to our platform that will create new and >automated limits to help ensure that entire home listings in London are not >shared for more than 90 days a year, unless hosts confirm that they have >permission to share their space more frequently.

The new measures will begin from 2017. If you want to host more often, you will >need to certify that you have permission to do so or apply for the relevant >permissions from your local council.

The rules for home sharing, which were introduced in 2015 (see here for more >details), allow Londoners to share their homes for up to 90 nights in each >calendar year without needing planning permission, and the vast majority of >hosts in London already respect those rules.

Airbnb is committed to working with cities to promote responsible home sharing. >This is something that we stated in the Community Compact launched last year. >While independent research shows that home sharing has no significant impact >on housing affordability in London, we believe it’s important to take action >against unwelcome commercial operators who have no place on our platform. >We’re taking this step to ensure that the Airbnb community continues to thrive in >London, and that our platform is promoting responsible home sharing. For more >information, please visit the Help Centre.

Thank you, The Airbnb Team

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Nigel GoodwinNigel Goodwin
2 years ago

Or indeed OwnerHolidays or any of the other emerging listing sites. A new version of Owner Holidays has just been released, and listings are free for a year if entered before end 2016.

Heads off to link

2 years ago

A golden opportunity for a city startup here! No doubt many people have built a tidy business around people staying more than 90 nights.

As professional managers use the site aswell, then the other marketing companies and owners will benefit from the direct business if they have the tools to market themselves effectively.

Head off to []

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