In an ongoing effort to atone for and absolve itself of recent claims of racial discrimination, Airbnb, the online home-sharing platform, announced earlier this week it would no longer allow rental hosts to request a guest's photo before accepting a booking agreement.

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10 days ago

Airbnb has been great for our rentals. However, this not necessary. Hosts have a right to know as much about their guests as possible before they allow guests into their homes or on their property. Profile photos help us identify with guests on the front end before a reservation is made. Airbnb already has a clear policy on discrimination so if hosts are violating that policy then Airbnb should remove them from the platform. How big of a problem is this? They say there's "rampant" discrimination. What does that mean? How many instances (percentage of bookings) are declined because of race? What say you Airbnb?

I have been leaning more and more toward setting up a direct booking platform to have more control over my business. If Airbnb continues with these unnecessary "PC" motivated policies when there are already policies in place to deter discriminatory practices, they will lose hosts to other platforms and direct booking processes.

10 days ago

There has been a lot of commentary on this latest Airbnb action. The intrinsic problem is human nature related to ownership and expectation. Being able to decide on your "guests" in such a personal private environment seems a natural expectation, but this DNA embedded psychology is not commercially acceptable and is a barrier to instant booking for many of the hosts. for hotels whose ambition is maximum capacity and limited space booking with no personal attachments is the other end of the scale.

Mi casa es la casa de Airbnb. Basically once you put your listing on Airbnb you can't discriminate against hooligans neither. So, they come off as open and politically correct and we deal with the mess.

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