For all the ink that’s been spilled about how to make money in vacation rentals, one essential element is missing from the discussion: are we actually good at hospitality?!

To answer this pressing question, I’ve created the definitive Hospitality Quiz for vacation rentalists. It takes about five minutes to complete. My goal? To determine whether our industry is truly prepared to take on hotels.

The test doesn’t take itself too seriously: results are ranked on a scale from “Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous” to “Gilligan’s Island.” But despite its tongue-in-cheek tone, I’m hoping that it will be helpful for learning what your peers are doing, upping your game, and setting hospitality standards for our industry. (To my knowledge, there’s never been an attempt like this to collect data on vacation rental hospitality.)

You’ll get your own results right away. Then, once we have a solid sample size of quiz-takers, we’ll share the overall results with you.

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