In this hosting how-to, GuestReady's CEO Alex Limpert shares five key pieces of advice for Airbnb users!

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2 years ago

My top 5 guest engagement tips (following a booking) would be:

  • Always "meet & greet"
  • Find out ahead of time what their dietary likes & dislikes are and then prepare a list of best restaurants and stores where they can 'go to get' or 'go to eat'
  • A local Welcome Basket applicable to their dietary preferences
  • Cosy side lights on in every room & a warm home when welcoming in
  • Obvious instruction on how to use things. Forget the boring clip file on the side table. Why not display all information in full poster designed framed or mounted posters. A fun poster map of a great walking route straight from the front door is also a great way to introduce your guests to the neighbourhood.
2 years ago

Meet and Greet is so beneficial; I know it may mean a property manager or the owner themselves going to the property for the arrival but it helps both parties; it stops guests getting frustrated with questions they can't answer when they arrive and then having to contact someone, but for the owner it helps them to get an idea of what guests will be like. People can write anything when looking to book, but meeting someone gives so much more of an honest impression!

2 years ago

Hi Guys this topic is particularly interesting for me. I have just launched a new product into the marketplace called if you have time would you log in and give me some feedback. I am a property manager in Orlando and have built it as a PM and one of the reasons we built it is to take out the frustration people have when arriving to homes and having access to everything they need. That being said there is nothing that will replace a meet and greet in person people always like to see people it is the ultimate way to get to know your customers and for your customers to feel at home.

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