Create more awareness for your vacation rental using listing sites. SPOILER: Airbnb isn't on this list!

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2 years ago

I did not the Atraveo website from TUI. They take 15% (plus VAT) of the rental price on confirmed bookings. Not bad considering they’ll list your property across hundreds of other well-known websites including Expedia’s European extensions and eDreams.

2 years ago

It's a good deal for VR owners, right? Especially considering the all the other channels they boost your profile on!

2 years ago

TUI? How does that fit. Atraveo wanted 18% and TUI 28% (no concept of rental margins).

Margaret JacobyMargaret Jacoby
2 years ago

Good information. I have not heard of these sites before. I will definitely look into using at least one new site.

VR ownerVR owner
2 years ago

Come in guys. 15%+VAT thats 18% of a booking, more than Who thinks 18% is a good deal. Even HomeAway figured this out and had to revert to lower commissions and charge the guest. I can a get a manager to handle all my bookings for less and I have no stress.

Housetrip was a disaster and sold for pennies to TripA ad had some business in France. OFS is a premium fixed income model (or was) and refused more than they accepted and are only in 5 cities. Maybe Accor will change that.

Wimdu, great idea by the Rocket guys, that has swallowed a lot of cash and doesn't generate hardly any business compared to the big 4.

Roomarama gets great press in some areas but for many no results at all.

You can be on too may channels too as every one duplicates and distributes and guests get confused and annoyed.

It seems again that everybody wants to push properties to big sites that take big money from a small pot.

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