Homeowners and managers are reporting that HomeAway has been quietly inching up the service fee, in some cases over 12%. "Since price is an important factor in determining whether a traveler books a property, it's natural to optimize and adjust the exact amount of the service fee," stated HomeAway's Community Forum.

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homeaway seems to have stopped pushing guest email address & telephone number in the email enquiry, so now one has to login to see it, has anyone else noticed this?

We have resisted offering pay-per-booking on VRBO. I did put a few on for a while but I honestly witnessed no change in the number of enquiries.

We pay for the listings. Last week I renewed a few and the charge was $399. Today I wanted to renew a couple and the charge is $549.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

last year

Jeez. Unfortunately, there's only one direction it can go, and that's up!

last year

So now all users must have online booking if they want to stay on the subscription plan rather than pay-per-booking?

Seems outrageous that they would increase to the previously non-online booking price and then enforce this rule on users!

I wonder how much churn this is going to create... I think HomeAway users need a little reminder about the advantages of listing site independence 😇

The DudeThe Dude
last year

I was paying $750 / year for multiple sites package without instant booking VRBO/HA and international. I just renewed 3 weeks ago and It was $549 if you don't use instant booking or payments. And $399 if you allow instant booking. So its not all bad news. All affiliate sites are now included and I got my first request from Expedia already. I'm the first to hate on OTA large travel sites and commissions, but I have nothing to complain about and your article is misleading. Maybe its required for new sign ups only? I ditched FlipKey last year after they kept raising rates. I will support Rentivo when they go big in USA. Flat rate listings is the future.

EDIT: I renewed 3 days before March 28th. So I guess I got lucky on the timing. I'll have to cancel if they force me into instant booking next year. Go Rentivo! Hurry up!

last year

Hey Dude, great feedback for all of us! One thing to note is that we are all a bit confused by the various tiers, options and whats coming or not coming etc.

I posted this article, but the articles here are all from third parties though: The source of this one is VRMintel:


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