Ever since Airbnb entered the lodging scene in 2008, the hotel industry has cast a wary eye, noting its popularity with young travelers. Despite a strong year for hotels — occupancy and rates broke records in 2015, according to the data firm STR — anxiety may be creeping into those corporate suites.

Airbnb, the largest home sharing network with over two million listings worldwide, is newly targeting business travelers, the bread-and-butter clientele of hotels.

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2 years ago

Hotels should be afraid, very afraid. Here’s why: when I first started using Airbnb a couple of years ago, it used to be a nightmare for me to use on business travel, I couldn’t get my schedule to sync with the property owner and checking in/out always delayed and bothered me too. This just isn’t the case anymore. Now I know to book places that offer remote check-ins/outs or better yet, a property that is also "business travel ready". This means the one thing I hated about Airbnb rentals that hotels offered was fixed. Now when I travel on business I can get a whole awesome apartment (sometimes even 2-3 bedrooms) to myself, have a private place to work with WiFi (part of being "business travel ready") instead of those dumb ‘business centers’ at hotels, usually get WAY better coffee than stale hotel coffee, be in the center of the local scene, and pay WAY less per night. What about continental breakfasts you say? Haven’t missed them one bit. With my own private kitchen, I can actually make a breakfast I won’t be regretting later on during my busy day.

2 years ago

Haha, love the rant John. I totally agree. I feel the one thing hotels do have over Airbnb is consistency. You know what you're getting with a hotel - but this is sure to change.

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