This isn't your average story of Airbnb guests throwing a party and wrecking the place. From the damage itself to Airbnb's handling of the situation that included trying to shut down this story with money and an NDA, it's much, much worse.

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Airbnb got too big for it's boots. They gave birth to the baby, but every now and then the baby gets out of control! If they want rookie property owners to host (did the guy have any House Rules?), then they need to have the recovery plan precisely for these incidences. And all this talk about the one million dollar insurance coverage? Hogwash!

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Quite interesting comment by Airbnb....

“Our original handling of this incident fell below the high standards we set for ourselves and are working with the host to make things right. We have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior, have removed the guest from Airbnb and are supporting the host. There have been over 160 million guest arrivals in Airbnb listings and bad experiences are extremely rare.”

So why then would it be so difficult to sort this problem out professionally if its so rare and the cost is tiny compared to their income/cap.

Its made more noise than Airbnb ever wanted hitting a national newspaper. You can't get this sort of exposure for £7K, why would they not spend an hour and sort it. Plus what's with the NDA? Surely everybody needs to know the risks and maybe more some vetting of guests is needed.

Here's an idea. Let them speak to each other first and then offer no insurance cover as the owner has agreed to take them in based on his own evaluation! Lol!

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