Like tens of millions of teens across the world, 15-year-old Emma rarely surfs the web or tries out new apps. Instead, she conducts her digital life through a collection of social apps, from Facebook to iMessage to Instagram to Snapchat. On all of them, she's messaging.

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What is really interesting is how do we the VR tribe start to "appear" in this chat - do we use our own bots?

" Apple has started to make iMessages accessible to third-party apps, such as OpenTable and Airbnb, "

2 years ago

I think it's products like Amazon Echo & Google Home that will really make chat the new landscape. They always listen for your voice and are activated without buttons - a bit like iron mans assistant.

You will ask, "find me the cheapest holiday rental with 5 stars in ** - the bot will send options to your phone for review.. You tap a button or say which one you like and off you go.

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