This year my Christmas bookings have dried up... compared to the last 5 years, I'm having an exceptionally low number of Christmas bookings.

Is it just me? What's your Christmas occupancy looking like so far?


10 months ago

Me too - its UGLY!!!!. Usually full in Dec through New year - VR Paris. Hear the same from others

10 months ago

Oh thank God, us too!!

We're experiencing empty Christmas weeks in holiday homes that have never been empty before in 10 years!

It's embarrassing! Owners are asking "WHY" .... it's hard to explain to them that their listings that we place on the large OTA's have messed things up, big time with how potential guest search!! Lots of our owners just assume that all their booking enquiries originate from our site only but sadly we have to reply on the majority coming from HA/OD, HL & AirBnB.

10 months ago

Same problem. No inquiries from HA/TA for several weeks - they are turning the screws!!

10 months ago

It seems that some of the businesses that focus on larger properties are seeing interest (UK) as echange rates and uncertainty are keeping people at home rather than going abroad as a group.

Nearly everybody had a brilliant start to the year however, so maybe its all equalling out?

10 months ago

Listing sites have too much control,
Bookings, rise & then they fall,
Like the ocean,
Like waves, big or small.

10 months ago

Love it

8 months ago


Kate ChanKate Chan
9 months ago

I can definitely feel the hit this year with Airbnb. One assumption I have is with their new feature of "instant booking" where guest can book your place without prior approval from you. The Airbnb listing algorithm makes the listing less visible for Airbnb hosts who don't use this new feature.

Anyone else here experience the same on their Airbnb listings?


10 months ago

Same here in Sydney. Never, in 10 years, have I had property still available for Christmas and New Years Eve on December 8th! It's summer! Peak season! School holidays! I wake up every morning to NO inquiries. Dried up all right! I also have felt the need to explain things to property owners. Most of whom have been with me for the last few summers. I am embarrassed at the low numbers of bookings I am dealing with this summer. And supposedly Sydney is experiencing record numbers of tourists. Really? And record number of rookie property owners sticking their home on Airbnb, for half the price it should be.

10 months ago

I don't think anyone's alone here? I'm from the UK & perhaps tourism is down this year?

I was worrying because Christmas is usually filled with family visits. Are people not visiting their families this year?

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