When you think about how much to charge for a night in your vacation rental, you don’t just pull a random number out of thin air. Instead, you take a lot of factors into account. Unfortunately, there’s only so much you can do about things like size, location, and whether someone set up a noisy construction project next door.

But there is one thing of which you have 100% control — and that is the cleanliness of your home.

To be sure, cleanliness requires effort and money. Even if you choose not to hire a professional cleaning service, you still have to ensure guests won’t complain about dust mites or funny smells from the bathroom.

In any case, cleanliness is a good investment. Not only is cleanliness next to godliness, but having a spick-and-span place can work wonders for your bottom line. In fact, you can boost your vacation rental income by as much as 20% just from keeping your space nice and tidy!

If that sounds too good to be true, consider the following 5 benefits of cleaning your vacation rental.

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